learn how to be your dog's best friend

Sharon's knowledge and ability in dog training gave me the right understanding of how to get the best results for obedience and good manners from my 4 legged best friend.

Sandy & Levi

Kerville, Texas

This basic obedience class has really helped my wonderful young lab.  That said, I have learned as much as she has. Sharon tries to help you understand how our canine friends think.  She is patient but firm.  The changes from the beginning class to just week three were surprising.
I dreaded the first lesson, as my dog was just terrible around other dogs and new people.  She was impossible to control...  What a happy change.  We both can't wait for the next session.

Susan Tefft

Medina, Texas

The first time I met Sharon was one-on-one for my problem-purchased-from-a-pet-store-American-Eskimo- 4-month-old puppy!  This dog was your worst nightmare.  I had always prided myself on being able to gently housebreak any dog in 3 days using only positive reinforcement methods.  I also considered myself fairly knowledgeable about basic dog training.  I was wrong!  I couldn't housebreak this dog.  I couldn't do anything with this puppy.  She was becoming very aggressive toward strangers, wouldn't come when she was called; you name it and she wouldn't do it.  In desperation, I picked a name out of the phone book and that name was Sharon Griswold.  Sharon suggested that we come to her kennel for a one-hour session.  This was the best move I ever made.  To my surprise the one-hour session lasted one hour and 45 minutes, Sharon's knowledge of dogs, their behavior and how to handle them poured from her mouth continuously for the whole session AND she never said one thing that I already knew!!!  I went home with hope, a whole arsenal of knowledge to be applied, and a more content, stable puppy.
Jump ahead a few years and now people ask me who trained my current dog.  When I tell them "I did" by going to obedience classes with my dog, they are amazed. They think I am really knowledgeable about dogs and must be a dog trainer in my own right.  They couldn't be more wrong!  I tell them my dog Zeke and I, learned everything we know from Sharon Griswold.  Sharon shares her knowledge freely and in such a way that even I "get it!"  Sharon taught me to communicate with Zeke in his own language.  I started Zeke in Sharon's puppy kindergarten class when he was only 7 weeks old and 11 pounds.  Now Zeke is a 120-pound adult and I am extremely grateful to Sharon for all the things she "warned" me about.  By training Zeke early and with adulthood in mind, even at 60 years old I am able to comfortably control my dog.  I have confidence that Sharon can handle any dog and any dog's problem.


Simpsonville, SC

I am writing this testimonial for Sharon Griswold with joy.  Sharon's gift should no longer be a secret.  Any dog who is blessed to be in Sharon's presence immediately knows "she gets me".  At first they may not like that, but ultimately they know she will lead them to an existence that in canine understanding will be in balance with their human family.  Misbehaving stems from misunderstanding.  Sharon communicates clearly between you and your dog.  She is able to interpret for each, in a language all can understand, bringing harmony to chaos, if both parties choose.

Karen E Nowak

Freedom Reins LLC, Absarokee, MT

I just want you to know that thanks to you, Copper is one score away from getting her first titles in each Obedience and Jumping.  More importantly, she is a joy to have in the family.   Additionally, my mom's Cocker Spaniel, who did her obedience work with you as a little black ball of wiggle, has proven to be a great companion to my mom.  We can't thank you enough for your patience and expertise in working with us and our "kids".

Donna D.

Sharon is a very compassionate, intuitive person with excellent organizational and leadership skills. She started her own business and built it into a very successful enterprise patronized by everyone we knew who had dogs. The dogs loved her, and so did the people. Her dog obedience classes were orderly and organized—and fun. I really didn’t have a full appreciation of how good her classes were until recently when we got a new puppy and tried several other obedience training operations—which frequently became a free-for-all in class and/or used largely ineffectual training methods. Sharon is a wonderful trainer of dogs and of their human handlers. She is firm and in charge yet calm and funny, and she inspires trust in both dogs and people. I remember one class in which the exercise we were doing involved the dogs staying in one place and the owners moving from dog to dog and stroking the dogs from head to tail. One of the dogs, a Rottweiler, was, shall we say, skittish. Sharon instructed us not to touch Bear, just to stand next to him and not look at him. Sharon knew what that dog could and could not handle, and all went well.

Sara P.

Woodstock Valley, CT

I first met Sharon in 1989 when I was looking for an obedience instructor for my Golden Retriever. I enlisted in Sharon's obedience class and went on to get several AKC titles with this dog. I went on attending her great classes with 5 more of my dogs. All of them got AKC titles. Sharon has been both a wonderful friend and instructor. Her classes are both innovative and fun for both the dog and handler. Everyone benefits from her training.

Irene McGirr

Brooklyn, CT

I would recommend Sharon for guidance in training any dog. She is willing to help with any situation; whether it is through a general class or private lessons. She will answer your questions and never make you feel like you should have known the answer.
Her teaching method is rewards based with an emphasis on kindness consistency and patience. Sharon teaches you, not only the basic exercise but she teaches you how to teach the dog. She teaches you how the dog learns; after taking classes with Sharon, you will be able teach your dog other things that make your relationship with your dog even stronger. Sharon has an intense knowledge of breeds and dog temperaments and will tailor training to your dog’s abilities and instincts to your skills and desires. She knows that one size does not fit all.
Sharon’s main goal in working with you and your dog is to create a relationship that results in a strong bond between you and your dog. She wants you to have a dog that is truly a family member. She works with you – to meet your goal. If you want to compete with your dog she strongly encourages it and helps you get to that point. She shares in your joy with all your accomplishments. She helps you to get what you want out of the class.
I attribute my love of dogs and working with dogs to Sharon and her encouragement over the years. I took my first dog to Sharon over 20 years ago, because my friend went to her 10 years earlier and recommended the class. It was a good tip from a good friend.

Dianne Barrett

Putnam, CT

I first went to Obedience Classes in 1996 with my first field /obedience golden retriever. I was very impressed to find that Sharon previously trained Seeing Eye Dogs before she started teaching obedience classes to others. I was impressed with her uncanny knack for being able to read a dog’s personality just by knowing him for a few minutes. This is very important when there are different dogs/ personalities in one room. It helps keep problems from arising, keeping the class flowing without incidence, making it a pleasant learning experience.  Her training abilities cater to dogs of all sizes and levels. Also teaching their owners how to train their dogs to have good manners, while at home or out walking where they may meet  other dogs, and great them without confrontation. I would highly recommend anyone to attend an Obedience Class that Sharon is teaching, both owners and their dogs will learn while enjoy time together. I am still doing Obedience with my dogs today, and greatly miss her guidance.

Mary Couture

Thompson, CT