learn how to be your dog's best friend

Group Lessons

Puppy Kindergarten

Puppy Kindergarten is for puppies eight weeks to five months. This is a fun course where we teach your puppy basic obedience skills in game form. There is puppy playtime along with interaction among the other owners. Each of the skills learned are taught in a way that keeps your puppy interested and eager to learn. This is a six week course.

Basic Obedience

Six weeks of Basic Obedience in a group environment. We will work on Sit, Lie Down, Stay, Heel, Follow as well as other commands that are useful around the house. You will be working in a group environment with other people and animals to get used to working around distraction. I use a fun format with treats and praise.

Intermediate Obedience

This is a continuation of my Basic course. We work on longer stays, improving our Come, working toward off leash obedience.as well as increasing the distraction level. We also do fun things like musical sits, learning to do low jumps as well as how to go thru a tunnel. This class is fun for dog and owner. The class is aimed at you being able to earn your Canine Good Citizenship Degree.