learn how to be your dog's best friend

In-Home Instruction

Personalized and at your convenience, we can work on obedience or behavioral issues in the privacy of your own home. Opt for a single lesson, or try my special five lesson package.

Group Lessons

Each of my classes is started by learning how to do body massage on your dog. This relaxes your dog and desensitizes their ticklish spots. It is amazing what body massage can do for your dog to help with the learning process.

Drop-in Classes & Refresher Courses

For those of you who just want to sharpen your obedience skills on an as needed basis. Email me for time and place.

Dog Safety Seminar

For organizations such as electric companies, mailmen, UPS, Fedex, etc., who send representatives to homes. It is an informative seminar lasting one and a half hours to two hours depending on the number of participants and questions asked. Connecticut Light and Power found it significantly reduced dog bites by their employees once they understood the dog’s body language and how to present themselves to a strange dog.

Critter Comfort in Comfort, Texas

Give your dog the ultimate vacation. Board your dog with a professional trainer in the beautiful Hill Country! Your dog will live in the house with the trainer and her own pet dogs. Your dog will learn dog social skills as well as obedience or behavioral skills, whatever is needed. Daily walks in a park-like setting, tv time at night, or just chilling out on the back porch. Personalized Doggy Camp at its best!

About the Trainer

Sharon Griswold has been an animal lover her whole life. She convinced her mother to give her a puppy when she was 10 years old and they became inseparable. From there, she started working on neighborhood farms helping feed calves. In high school, she worked part time for a veterinarian and at a local farm. Sharon went to the University of Connecticut, majoring in animal science. Upon graduating, she was hired by The Seeing Eye in Morristown, New Jersey, as a guide dog trainer, and then as an instructor for the visually impaired on how to work with the dogs. After working in New Jersey for 4 years, she moved back to Connecticut to start a family. Training dogs had become a way of life, so Sharon started her own training business in Connecticut, naming it Rover Misbehaving?. The business grew quickly as she traveled from home to home training on a private level. To accomodate growing demand, she bought land and built a boarding kennel with a training room and began teaching many different classes, including puppy kindergarten, Beginner one and beginner Two, beginner agility, and rally. Sharon’s strong suit is her way of modifying training techniques to the individual owner and dog. Her specialty is aggressive behavior modification and many a dog with aggression problems has come to her as a last resort and had a total turn around of temperament, allowing it to live out its life in its home. Many people know her as "The Dog Lady". Sharon’s whole concept is to build a human-dog partnership where the owner becomes the dog’s best friend through Love, Leadership, and Respect. Using innovative techniques, common sense, and tried-and-true methods in her training classes and lessons, Sharon runs a knowledgeable class that is both fun and informative. Communication between pet and owner is the most important ingredient in the relationship. Sharon’s classes help you understand what your dog is doing and why. With understanding comes the knowledge of what to do in order to build a better partnership. Sharon has relocated to the Texas Hill Country. Her focus is now traveling to people’s homes for private in house instruction as well as starting classes through CLUB ED and on her own in various town parks. One of her mottos is “Have Leash Will Travel”.